Above ground vs. In-ground Pool

Dreaming of having a pool is one thing; knowing the type of pool to install is another. In this article, we are looking at the above-ground swimming pool and the in-ground swimming pool. We will be considering factors that will help determine the type of pool that blends to your taste. Factors such as your budget, lifestyle, landscape, plan, among others.

Above Ground pool

This is also known as the in-ground pool. This type of pool can be manufactured from vinyl or fiberglass. Generally, an above ground pool is a makeshift kind of pool mounted and can be dismembered when moving from one house to another. 

With the above ground pool, you can also relish all the pool’s lifestyle privileges even if you don’t own the house or are running on a low budget. Any do-it-yourselfer can do the installation process as it requires minimal time to install.

In-ground Swimming Pool

The in-ground pool is the most widely used type of pool. The excavation of the ground and builds it. If well-built, it is usually a sight to behold as it can be designed in different shapes and sizes.

The in-ground pool, once installed, is permanent and lasts up to 40 – 50 years if well-constructed and maintained. 

Factors to Be Considered


The in-ground pool requires a lot of expertise, and as such, it is best to let the professional handle it. It requires the excavation of the ground, plastering with gunite. It can take more than eight weeks, depending on the type, before installation can be completed. The building takes such a long time to complete it due to how complicated it is to lay the gunite. 

The above-ground pools can be installed within a couple of days. It requires no extraordinary technicality as any do-it-yourselfer can easily install an above ground pool. However, you should employ a professional to help install your pool since the installer provides you a warranty. It should also be noted that it is flexible and can be drained and disassembled.

Financial Implications 

The in-ground pool is more expensive to install when compared to the above-ground pool. This is due to the materials needed for the installation, payment of laborer, payment for the site excavation, among others. 

While it is costly to build, it will add value to a house’s worth when you want to sell your home. It is, however, expensive to maintain.

The above ground pool is cheaper to install when compared to its counterpart. No much technicality is involved, as you can even install it yourself. 

If you are running on a budget, you should go to the above-ground pool. It, however, adds no value to the cost of your house when you want to sell. This is because it can be disassembled and reinstalled in your new home. It does not require much maintenance cost.

Shape and Size 

The in-ground pool can be installed in different shapes and sizes coupled with exotic designs. Unlike the in-ground pool, the above-ground pool has limited shape as it can only take the shape of its built material. Also, not much design can be done to an above ground pool.


Regardless of your backyard, an above-ground pool can easily be fitted into a small space, unlike the in-ground pool, which eats up space.

A pool is a luxury endeavor to go for the one that suits your landscape, fits into your budget, and you can easily maintain.